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Aecus offer a wide range of Services, which are highlighted here. Click on the links to the left to find out more. If you have any questions about our Services then please email

We have a proven approach (NXTSource Phase 1) to helping organisations to develop sourcing strategies which meet their unique business needs. We structure our work around three key activities: Research & Insight (data collection, baselining and market assessment); Feasibility (filtering / option analysis of potential future states); and Strategy (recommended options, business case, roadmap). A critical part of our approach is stakeholder engagement, including our Goals & Scope workshop (S41) which facilitates alignment and engagement for key stakeholders. We are absolutely agnostic about what strategy is adopted. As a result of our work clients have decided to adopt a range of sourcing strategies to suit their needs, including both outsourced and captive operations.

The typical timescale (depending on scope and scale) for completing a Sourcing Strategy is 2-4 elapsed months.

Our benchmarking covers all IT Towers (e.g. Desktop; Data Centre; Service Desk; Applications) and many business processes (Finance & Accounting; HR; Call Centres; Industry Verticals). We are particularly well-suited to benchmarking complex and / or unique processes, where our deep experience combined with strong data enables us to apply judgement constructively, and provide action-able output for our clients.

We are able to carry out full contract benchmarks, or less formal “mark to market” studies which can inform sourcing strategies and option analysis. We can assess outsourcing contracts using our unique Contract Evaluation tool to compare contract terms with the current market.

We provide hands-on support throughout the outsourcing deal process, from short-listing suppliers and developing the RFP through to evaluating responses, supporting site visits, facilitating solution workshops and negotiating robust and sustainable contracts.

We bring experienced expert practitioners who work side by side with the client team and with their legal support to develop state of the art contractual arrangements.

Our teams have access to our current market data – pricing, commercial terms and latest solution innovations.

And we know all the leading outsourcing suppliers well – this means we can help clients to engage with them successfully and get the best results from the market. The suppliers are familiar with our approach and they are able to engage with us quickly and effectively.

We have a proven approach (NXTSource Phase 2) which we customise to client requirements and which helps us to move quickly through the process.

We help clients to design and build their own captive shared service centres. This can include designing the Target Operating Model (TOM); selecting locations; service centre operational design and build; and the transition of work and the optimisation of processes. We are able to bring the best practices we observe in the outsourcing world, and applying them appropriately in captive shared services.

We also work with clients to select and contract with implementation partners to assist with the “heavy lifting” including process optimisation and systems implementation.

As always we provide a small team of experienced experts to work alongside the client to help deliver real results quickly. These can include various specialists at key points, for example change and communications management experts to help plan and manage the organisational change and the impact on a range of stakeholders, or locations experts who can identify optimal sites, negotiate grants and manage the acquisition and fit-out of premises.

We provide a range of transition and operations support services which help clients to achieve their their sourcing objectives and realize the full potential value of their sourcing relationship.

These services include: Transition Readiness and Support; Communications; Retained Organisation Design; Operational Alignment; and Service Management Design and Implementation. Our research indicates that failing to address these issues adequately is a major source of value leakage and deal failure. Our experienced experts work with clients to ensure that their outsourcing deal really works.

We have a proven set of tools and techniques which support and accelerate this work.

As outsourcing has matured and clients have moved into second and third generation deals the importance of effective vendor (or supplier) management has become more and more apparent. Successful outsourcing requires the active participation of the client, and appropriate management of the vendor.

As the trend to multi-sourcing gathers pace, we see clients increasingly focus on holistic, end-to-end management of the service – what has become known as Service Integration and Management, or SIAM.We have extensive experience in both vendor management and SIAM, and have learnings and frameworks which can be customised to any client’s requirements so that they can get the most out of their outsourcing arrangements.

Outsourcing and shared services programmes are typically long complex programmes which require joined-up management of multiple workstreams in order to be successfully concluded.

We can provide expert programme managers with experience of managing similar challenging programmes. This can significantly de-risk and accelerate the process. Many of our people have Prince2 and similar accreditation, and all are experienced experts.

Aecus helps clients build and maintain sustainable outsourcing relationships that deliver against business expectations and objectives.

Our proven “Outsourcing Relationship Optimisation” process uses independent expert facilitation, mediation and analysis to challenge current relationships to enable them to become the best they can be.

When to review your relationship:

  • After completing Transition – major change programmes place a huge strain on any organisation. Taking time to review your supplier relationship to ensure that it is sustainable and set-up to meet your business goals is key to ensuring that you have the correct platform to deliver expected value.
  • Prior to a key decision milestone – the decision to renegotiate, re-tender, or repatriate an established relationship as it approaches an ‘end of term’ milestone is as challenging as the decision to enter into the initial contract. The relationship may be working but not necessarily optimised to deliver best value, aligned to industry ‘Best of Breed’ and market expectations, or adapting to changing business objectives.
  • When there is a problem – addressing major performance issues such as persistent SLA failure, or poor project implementation, missed dates and poor deliverables; or less obvious issues where SLA’s are ‘green’ but the client is still unhappy, poor benefit realisation or where relationships between the parties have become strained despite all parties working hard to resolve.

Our approach hinges on a series of facilitated workshops – each separately with the client and the supplier, and one joint workshop at which an action plan is agreed. The result is typically a more effective working relationship and more value for both parties, based on shared objectives for the future.

This process is typically co-sponsored by the client and the supplier.

We have worked on hundreds of outsourcing engagements and have seen most of the problems and difficulties which arise. We are also completely independent and objective, and trusted by both clients and suppliers.

This means that we are uniquely placed to help resolve disputes between clients and vendors, whether that is as part of the day to day governance or, in extreme, cases, when the parties have resorted to arbitrators or the courts. And in the event that the dispute becomes formal we can provide clear, expert and unbiased input as a witness or as a moderator.

We provide specialist advice on location options for outsourcing and shared services. Much of the benefit of outsourcing and shared services has traditionally been generated by “labour arbitrage”, and this continues to be the case, even as automation and robotics begin to have more impact on the business case. But there is more to choosing the right location than lower labour costs – the availability of skills and infrastructure, synergy with global strategy, culture, accessibility, and geo-political risk all play a part. We have hands-on experience of helping clients make the right decision on location.

We undertake market-related analysis for vendors, using our unique industry positioning and insight.

This can include:

  • Market positioning analysis – where the client community see the supplier
  • Growth/Acquisition strategy – helping suppliers identify targets and deals which can enhance their proposition
  • Service analysis – strengths and weaknesses of the current service offerings.

We provide benchmarking services to suppliers across all outsourcing service towers. For more details please contact

We have developed a unique workshop-based approach to helping vendors and clients to optimise their relationships and to get the most mutual benefit out of their deals.

It can be used at any stage of a successful relationship to ensure that optimal value is being delivered – it is particularly valuable in preparing for end-of-term, as it will help identify any hidden issues. It can also be used to address serious issues in a failing relationship.

Our approach is different to more traditional ‘external consultant’ report processes and outputs – our engagements are typically co-instructed and co-funded, are focused on getting to the emotional heart of and behavioural drivers that exist within the relationship, and are centred on collaboration and mutual dialogue.